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Now offering Equine Acupuncture

Pre-purchase exam

No horse is perfect. The goal of every pre-purchase exam performed by Griffin Equine is to help you feel confident in the purchase of your new horse. Instead of offering a simple pass/fail answer, Dr. Griffin strives to provide you with an accurate risk assessment of your purchase to ensure that from a medical standpoint, you end up with the most appropriate horse for your needs.

Lameness Exam

As a horse owner and avid rider, Dr. Griffin understands how frustrating it is to have an unsound horse! Mary finds determining the source of lameness and formulating an appropriate treatment plan one of the most rewarding aspects of her job. In order to provide the most accurate and rapid diagnosis, Griffin Equine has state of the art portable digital ultrasound and X-ray machines.

Ultrasound Consultation

Dr. Griffin has used ultrasound to diagnose problems in thousands of horses and is more than happy to consult with your veterinarian regarding ultrasound cases. Ultrasound can aid in the diagnosis of many problems and is completely non invasive! Examples of problems which can be detected with ultrasound include tendon and ligament injuries, unexplained bumps and swellings, pneumonia, colic, draining wounds, joint disease, eye injuries and even fractures.

Preventative medicine

Prevention is the number one way to ensure the long term soundness and health of your horse. Routine veterinary lameness exams can catch early signs of discomfort prior to the occurrence of a more serious injury. Similarly, vaccination and worming schedules can aid in the prevention of many diseases. Dr. Griffin tailors vaccination and deworming schedules to the needs of your individual horse based on age and competition schedule to ensure adequate coverage and avoid unnecessary treatments.

Emergency Care

Griffin Equine provides mobile emergency care for existing clients. Dr. Griffin strives to provide an accurate, rapid assessment of each case and assist you through the sometimes difficult decision making process. A digital x-ray and ultrasound machine are always available if needed. When necessary, Dr. Griffin will assist in the referral of your horse to one of the many equine hospitals in the area.

Mary Griffin DVM

Mary Griffin DVM

About Mary F. Griffin DVM

Dr. Mary Griffin knew that she wanted to be a veterinarian from the time that she received a miniature veterinary hospital for her fifth birthday. Mary moved on from bandaging small plastic dogs and wooden rocking horses to graduating from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

While at Iowa State, she developed a keen interest in lameness and ultrasound. Following vet school, she headed south to Lexington, Ky for a rigorous internship at Hagyard-Davidson-McGee. Dr. Griffin was subsequently accepted into the Cardiology and Ultrasound fellowship at University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center where she spent two intense years focusing on diagnostic ultrasound.

Dr. Griffin left the university setting in order to treat patients with whom she could develop long standing involvement in their care. After working locally in private practice for several years, Dr. Griffin established Griffin Equine in January, 2010. When she is not working, Mary can typically be found at the barn riding her horse, Wings.